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A Late First Love Dramacool

In this story , we are Introduced to a dark and  brooding hero named Qi . Though handsome , he is known for his Viciousness  towards others , and  Seems to lack any empathy Or compassion . That is until he meets the Kind and  strong-willed heroine , Hua Xiao Chi . The two begin to Interact , and  as Hua Xiao Chi gets to  Know Qi , She begins to understand the reasons  behind his Cruel behavior . Despite this , She remains  by his side , Caring for him and  helping him to see the  value in human Connections . Over time , Qi begins to learn the joy Of having friends and  becomes deeply enamored  With  Hua Xiao Chi .

However , fate intervenes , and  Hua Xiao Chi finds herself traveling  through time and  Space to the modern era . It’s been ten years since  She’s seen Qi , and  in this new time Period , she encounters a  Completely different man – Jiang Xieqi . Now thirty-three years old , he is a mature , stable , and  handsome man  Who is the object Of affection for many women . Despite his good looks and  Success , he has suffered from emotional Indifference  since a drowning accident  that robbed him Of his memory . People call him a “cold face” as  he lacks any Emotional feedback . However , when Hua Xiao Chi Once again meets  With  Qi , Something changes  With in him . Her presence touches his heart and  he Opens up to the possibility Of a sweet and  romantic love Story .

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Director: He Tai Ran

Also known as: Chi Dao De Chu Lian 遲到的初戀


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , ,

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