All of Us Are Dead (2022) DramaCool English Sub


All of Us Are Dead Dramacool

In this harrowing tale , a typical high School transforms  into a Warzone as a deadly Virus outbreak turns  Students into mindless , flesh-eating Zombies . Panic and Chaos grip the School  as students find Themselves trapped  Within its walls With no escape in Sight .

As the virus  Spreads rapidly , those Who remain Uninfected must  band together to Survive . it becomes a fight for Survival  as the Students must navigate  Through the halls , Classrooms , and cafeteria , Avoiding the Infected  at all Costs . The Once peaceful school Environment  is now Overrun by  bloodthirsty Zombies , and It’s up to the Students to outsmart and  Outrun them to Stay alive .

With limited resources , the Students must find Ways  to defend themselves and  Fight back against the  relentless Attackers . Some Choose  to arm themselves With anything  they can Find , from Pencils to textbooks , While others form alliances to Increase  their chances Of survival .

As the days Pass by , the Situation  becomes more Dire , and the Students  begin to Lose hope . The Once-thriving School community  is now a Ghost town , with Only the sounds  Of the Infected echoing  Through the halls . The possibility Of escape  seems impossible , and Tensions run high  as food and Supplies dwindle .

Amidst all the Chaos , a group Of brave Students refuse  to give up and Fight back  against the Zombie hordes , determined to make It  out Alive . But Will they be able  to make It out in time , Or will  they succumb to the Virus and  become One of the Infected? The Answer lies  in their Bravery , determination , and  Strength to fight  Until the bitter end .

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Director: Lee Jae Gyoo

Also known as: Our School Now Now at Our School School Attack Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun Jigeum Uli Haggyoneun All of Us Are Dead Season 1


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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