Falling for You (2023) DramaCool English Sub


Falling for You Dramacool

Su Sheng Nan , a talented  Female producer , has a Strong dislike  for mindless , Saccharine  romance dramas . But fate has a  different Plan for her , as She unexpectedly  finds herself Entering the  world of Dramas , and  even Worse , playing the Role of a weak  and Mary Sue-like  female Lead – a character  She despises the most . To add to  her Troubles , the male Lead  of the drama , Ouyang Yu Chuan , relentlessly  Pursues her .

Initially feeling Out  of place , Su Sheng Nan transforms  her Character from a naive  and Innocent “rabbit” to a Strong  and independent Woman . However , as she  Spends more time  With Ouyang , She begins to  uncover his Kind nature and  sees him in a  Different light . Gradually , their  Relationship deepens , and  they Eventually find true love  That transcends time and  Space , despite Su Sheng Nan’s  initial Aversion to the genre .

Overall , the Story follows  the Journey of Su Sheng Nan  as she Navigates the complexities  Of the drama world  and Finds love in the  most Unexpected of places .

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Director: Hao Zhao He

Also known as: Wo Cai Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni 我才不會喜歡你


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , ,

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