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Perfect Mismatch Dramacool

Shi Hua Hua is a  dedicated Medical student ,  With a keen Interest in  studying Chinese medicine and  a Remarkable talent for  Martial arts . One fateful day , her Life takes  an Unexpected turn  When she accidentally Injures  Zhou Zhi Fei , a domineering CEO  Known for his assertive and  Commanding demeanor .

Initially , their relationship is Marked  by arguments and  Misunderstandings ,  With Zhou Zhi Fei resenting Shi Hua Hua for  Causing him harm . However , as they Spend  more time together and  get to Know each Other  better , Their mutual animosity  gradually Transforms into an  Unexpected attraction .

Despite their Vastly  different backgrounds and  Personalities , Shi Hua Hua and  Zhou Zhi Fei find Themselves  drawn to each Other in a powerful and  Undeniable way . As they navigate  Their burgeoning Feelings for  One another , they must Confront  a host Of obstacles and  Challenges that  threaten to Keep them apart .

Through their trials and  Tribulations , Shi Hua Hua and  Zhou Zhi Fei discover  the depth Of their Feelings  for each Other , Learning to Overcome  their differences and  find a  Way to be together . Their love Story  is a testament to The power  Of connection and  the Transformative  nature Of love .

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Director: Shen Wen Shuai

Also known as: A Cat and a Fish Cat Riding a Fish President Would You Please Shut Up Zong Cai Qing Bi Zui Qi Zhe Yu De Mao 总裁请闭嘴 總裁請閉嘴


Status: Completed

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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