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Secret Door Dramacool

Zhong Zi Kiu and Cheung Sam Yue  had been Attached since childhood. But their Lives took different paths  due to the Crimes committed  by their Fathers . After Yue’s father  was Imprisoned , She decided  to start afresh, Changing her name  and Surname in the hopes of  Leaving her past behind . She married and  had a Daughter . But she consciously Kept  her previous life a Secret , swearing to Avoid  the mistakes of her Families . As a result, She boarded  on a Career as an insurance detective.

Although a significant Amount of time  had passed Without any interaction  between Them. Doom brought them together  Once again due to a Special life insurance policy  Worth 10 million dollars . Yue’s husband, Yin Hao Ran , met  an Unfortunate demise . But what Caught Kiu’s attention  was the Sudden increase in the insurance Coverage  just months Proceeding to his death . Aware of  Yue’s secretive Past , Kiu couldn’t shake Off  the doubt that These events  were no mere Coincidence . Now, the very Intense  question remained: What was the truth  behind all of This specific event?

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Also known as: Hidden Door Yin Men Jan Mun 隐门 十八年后的终极告白3.0 隱門


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