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The Starry Love Dramacool

In a world Of four realms , The human tribe Was ruled  by a wise queen  Who was greatly Admired and  respected  by her Subjects . The queen’s Joy knew no bounds  When  she gave birth to twin Girls ,  Whom  she named Qing Kui and  Ye Tan . Qing Kui was the  elder Of the two sisters and  was Known for her gentle and  Kind nature . She was beloved  by all  Who knew her and  was Betrothed to the heavenly Prince , a Match  that was widely Celebrated  by the entire Tribe .

Ye Tan , On the other hand , was a Younger sister  Who possessed an unmatched Wit and  cunning mind . However , her Intelligence and  unconventional behavior Often caused her to be Shunned  by her own People . As fate would have It ,  She was betrothed  to the demon Prince , a match  That was met  With reluctance and disapproval  by the rest Of the tribe .

However , a mix-up Occurred during  the wedding Ceremony , and  the two Sisters were married Off  to the wrong Husbands . This unexpected turn Of  events set the Stage for two beautiful Romances  to blossom in unexpected Places . Qing Kui found  herself Falling in love  With the demon Prince ,  While Ye Tan’s wit and  Intelligence captured the heart Of  the heavenly Prince .

But their Unconventional unions  also ignited a Conspiracy  that shook the four Realms . The mistaken Marriages drew  the attention Of those  Who sought to Undermine the fragile Peace  that existed between  The human , heavenly , and  demon Realms . The queen , Sensing the danger , Tasked her daughters to Uncover the plot and  put a Stop to it before It’s too late .

As Qing Kui and  Ye Tan navigate the Complicated web  Of intrigue and politics  That threatened to Tear apart  their Worlds , They also discovered the  true meaning Of love and  Sacrifice . In the end , Their bravery and  determination Paved the way  for a new era Of peace and  Prosperity in the four Realms .

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Director: Chu Yui Bun

Also known as: Love When the Stars Fall Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang 星隕凝結成糖果


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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