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The Worst of Evil DramaCool

In the bustling streets of 1990s Seoul, a former DJ turned underground figure takes the city’s nightclubs by storm with a potent new drug known as “Gangnam Crystal.” With a tight grip on the underworld, he runs a thriving drug operation that puzzles the police, leaving them in the dark about its origins.

Amid this chaos, rural police officer Park Jun Mu steps into the fray, tasked with infiltrating this drug empire. Little does he well know that his own wife, Yoo Eui Jung, also a detective, has bravely volunteered for the same perilous mission. As they delve deeper, dark secrets unravel—Eui Jung’s hidden ties to the notorious drug lord emerge, blurring the lines between duty and personal history.

For Jun Mu, this mission becomes more than just dismantling the drug cartel; it’s about safeguarding his wife’s life in a treacherous landscape. His dedication extends beyond battling the criminal network; it’s a relentless pursuit to ensure Eui Jung’s safety amidst the perilous underworld they navigate together.

The neon-lit nights of Seoul become a backdrop to their high-stakes operation, where each move is a gamble, and trust hangs by a fragile thread. Jun Mu’s heart, torn between duty and love, fuels his determination to dismantle the drug trade while shielding his beloved from the dangers lurking at every turn.

Their story unfolds amidst the pulsating beats of the city, a tale of sacrifice, loyalty, and the intricate dance between the law and the lawless. As they navigate the perilous maze of crime and passion, Jun Mu’s resolve remains unyielding—to crack down on crime, protect his partner, and confront the demons of their shared past.

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Director: Park Geun Beom, Han Dong Wook

Also known as: Choeagui Ag The Worst Evil choeag-ui ag 최악의 악


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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