When I Fly Towards You (2023) DramaCool English Sub


When I Fly Towards You Dramacool

In 2012, at Yucai Middle School, a transfer Student  named Su Zai Zai falls in Love at first Sight  with Zhang Lu Rang. Behind his  Self-confident façade , Zhang Lu Rang is annoyed  by Self-doubt due to continuous Comparisons with  his genius younger Brother . With the help Of new  and old friends , including Su Zai Zai, Zhang Lu Rang get to Understand himself  and starts Planning his life . As their bond Develops, romance blooms  Within their friend group.

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Director: Mao De Shu

Also known as: Luo Yao Knew What He Meant The Girl Who Fell Into Love Dang Wo Fei Ben Xiang Ni 陆遥知他意 When I Run Towards You Ta Bing De Bu Qing Lu Yao Zhi Ta Yi 她病的不轻 她病的不輕 陸遙知他意 當我飛奔向你 她病得不轻


Status: Completed

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